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JNC 03-14 Masterpieces Agnes Baddooearlier this spring I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ilona Marx  for German magazine JNC  where she shares the sac 1 sac 2 love! 

sac 1 canvas:choc c sq

sac 1 sac 2 canvas/chocolate buffalo now availablesac 1 canvas:black b sqsac 1 sac 2 canvas/black buffalo now available

3 canvas nat blk choc


canvas/natural fold over clutch and sac 1 sac 2 now available.



waste not want not chez petit h 0

as if i need more reasons to love the venerable brand, hermés and all their goods and collaborations, we have “petit h“; a project that saves, catalogues and reuses  every scrap, sample, overstock, reject, morsel.  then, under the artistic direction, creativity and ingenuity of Pascale Mussard, repurposes them into new covetable items. it is a project that she finds “stimulating, satisfying and joyful! mais, vraiment! je suis bien d’accord.  for continuing episodes of this most inspiring series, go behind the scenes chez “petit h ” here.



save the date! may 10 & 11 0

SAVE THE DATE EPCF.MAY2014that’s mother’s day weekend…as always, the EPCF promises to be a wonderful event with a great line-up of artisan vendors  -including yours truly! hope to see you there!


one kings lane, sale ends -tomorrow! 0


check it out: sac 1, sac 2 are featured items over at One King’s Lane. thanks for the love, OKL


daily candy, today! 0

daily candy sac 1.8.14

today, daily candy gives some love to sac 1, sac 2 and beatrice valenzuela, my first brick & mortar retailer who jumped in day 1 and carries the entire line. thank you!

 leather goods are also available here:

agnes baddoo| |beatrice valenzuela | garde | alder & co | beautiful dreamers | jess brown


oh, oh, 7. 0

















































the year in pictures. thanks to you, everyw’air was everywhere and sac 1 sac 2 were partout. it was good. inspiring, encouraging, uplifting and good. and i thank you! in no particular order, a shout out to the people, places and enterprises that put the wonder in my wonderful: feal mor, bazar, platform experiment, chay, dream collective, moon juice, beautiful dreamers,, alder & co, beatrice valenzuela, garde, jess browne, storefrontLA/parachute market, echo park craft fair, kneeland mercado, pressSF, west coast craft, le feu de l’eau, velvet by graham & spencer, la HMshelter social club. dpbm liberty fair drugstore, a love movement, tomboy stylekeep it chic, jiggy loves, honestly wtf, busy being,keep feeling fascination,pure wow, miss moss,the radder.

peace, blessings and one love to all!

6 was nice. here comes(2+0+1+4) 7! 


a end of year/new year apothecary treats 0






a fantastic selection of  beautiful apothecary and lifestyles treats PLUS a (the blind barber) barber shop in back – that’s what you’ll find at DPMB’s Drugstore Pop-up on West 3rd street (near son of a gun and juice served here.) start the new year with lotions, potions and notions from agua de colonia concentradaearth tu face, juniper ridge, le feu de l’eau, heather taylor home to name just a few. plus, everyw’air sprays and my leather key cases are there too!

the drugstore, 8366 1/2 west 3rd street, los angeles


the echo park craft fair is —this weekend! 0

Basic RGB


t’is the season. mark your calendars. see you there! 0

t’is the season for giving thanks and giving pressies while also supporting local businesses and artisans.  here are a few notable fairs to check when you’re out and about looking for tokens of love, friendship and appreciation.

so, mark your calendars. save the dates. do drop in.

oaks invite

friday, december 6, i’ll be at the oaks school holiday bazaar selling sacs and scents.  

the next day, saturday the 7th, take a short drive up to ojai. join us for a lovely evening at the rancho ojai inn.


pace yourself, and save the dates for the following weekend is the echo park craft fair!


stay tuned for more updates…tell your friends…look forward to seeing you!



west coast craft. this weekend 11.15 + 16. san francisco. 0


so many great vendors they needed two fliers!WCC_webpromo-vendors2

so looking forward to participating in West Coast Craft this weekend. what an awesome line up…do tell your bay area friends…hope to see you there!



la HMH: the farmer’s daughter 1

hm semi

hm running cattle

many moons ago, i was working on a commercial traveling throughout the washington state. the last leg of the journey took us to eastern washington, colfax/pullman area where i met heathermarie and the wonderful heaton family. we stayed in touch. she and her brothers are now the fourth generation wheat farmers and cattle ranchers,  harvesting land originally homesteaded by their great-grandfather, working along side their parents, carmen and blake.  in my book, that makes her the farmer’s daughter!


hm bean carmen

shortly after, she moved to LA where we became the bestest of friends, working as stylists, enjoying many epic road trips and adventures together. when heathermarie married and moved to mexico city (read all about my recent visit here and here,) she continued styling and designing, but she always returned home each summer with her family to participate in harvest and showing cattle – a tradition she continues with her sons.

hm 2 boys

hm hay truck

hm silo

hm val undr

several years ago, on one of her trips to the states, i noticed she was wearing some pretty awesome moccasins. she told me they were her modification of traditional styles found at her local market. a while later she sent me a pair of some traditional sandals she was ‘tweaking’. 

i wore out both pairs.  to. the. ground.

now you too, can get in on the HMH action here and here. moccasins and sandals are just the beginning. i’ll keep you posted…

(above photos courtesy of HMH/jaime reynoso)

IMG_3556  IMG_3526



MIA -Made In America. oct 12 – 21. @ shelter half. 0



tomboy style q & a 0

tomboy style X ab headeragnes1

read about a few of my favorite things in lovely lizzie garrett mettler’s tomboy style


one kings lane. tanned & tooled. hide & chic. right now! 0

one kings lane X ab leather

starting tonight,  sac 1, sac 2 are featured on One Kings Lanes‘ latest artisanal feature! in great company, with abigail chapin’s arc of la hand stamped leather goods (of which i am a proud owner) and nathalie davis’ leather canoe goods (which i’m about to become a proud owner). do check out this 3 day sale.


la margara 8

it’s been a few months since I last posted about my trip to Mexico City. and while i have already shared many fantastic experiences, i must say:   the highlight of the trip, (beyond the time spent catching up with the lovely heathermarie and kids,) was meeting and spending time with her mother-on-law: the incomparable, margarita malpico. what fine times we had! vibrant, charming, stylish, with a wicked sense of humor,  margara is also all-out expert on all cultural things mexican.  

IMG_1953 IMG_1960 IMG_1942IMG_1986 IMG_1979 IMG_1965 IMG_1992 IMG_2002 IMG_2023

 for over 15 years margara was with The Museo Nacional de Antropología, so with an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of the Americas (pre-hispanic to the present) we could have no better personal docent guide us thru the museum and various neighborhoods of DF with fascinating and entertaining historical tales.  

IMG_2063 IMG_2064 IMG_2115 IMG_2128 IMG_2133 IMG_2144 IMG_2150 IMG_2159 IMG_2172 

from cuisine to ceramics, textiles to artisanal chocolate, all roads lead to margara. a champion of indigenous crafts and artisans, margara  travels often to remote villages helping to preserve indigeneous crafts and regularly hosts artisans in her home/salon when they come to town. you never know who you may meet, chez margara.

IMG_2350 IMG_2362 IMG_2347IMG_2367 IMG_2460 IMG_2466 IMG_2470 IMG_2472 IMG_2474 IMG_2481 IMG_2488 IMG_2475


 feliz cumpleanos!


one kings lane now through 9.10.13 0



okl printing 3okl sale


i am pleased to be included in one kings lanes latest artisanal sale: making scents! now thru 10 september. also featured in this sale: dear friends wendy polish and jo strettel’s candle line le feu de leau , mcmc fragrances and oui ceramic candles. check us out, here.


tomboy style X agnes baddoo leather goods = one love 1




ab tomboy header

lovely lizzie garrett gives some love to my leather goods on her blog, tomboy style. much love. much thanks, lizzie! 

ab tomboy stylesac 1 is currently available online here and at


parachute market: this weekend 3


i am so looking forward to participating in this event this weekend.

i’ll be bringing

sac 1 sac 2


bag o sprays

hope to see you there!


carolina k y tepoztlan 0

IMG_1706 IMG_1676 IMG_1700 IMG_1673  IMG_1678 IMG_1691   IMG_1681 IMG_1686 IMG_1689 IMG_1685IMG_1679 IMG_1710

wife, mother, musician, fashion designer, carolina k is truly a renaissance woman. argentinian by birth, based in mexico, with a line sold all over the world, her creations are inspired by her travels and love of hand craft.  modern interpretations of traditional folk dress and craft, carolina works closely with crafting communities throughout latin america to create collections for men, women, children and home. all the while with a business emphasis on social responsibilty. originally, heathermarie turned me on to her friend’s clothing line well over 12 years ago. in fact we even used some pieces in photo shoots, back in the day. then, as  zero-degrees-of separation would have it, one recent summer one of her sun-dresses was a huge hit at lost  & found for me and some of my friends. (yes, sarah brady, the dress!) hm had been cyber-linking us for what seemed like forever so, of course, one of our first adventures was a short road trip to visit her at her studio in tepoztlan. as you can see, it did not disappoint! carolina is warm, relaxed, friendly, vibrant -just like her clothes! we passed the time trading stories, finding more people in common and catching up like old friends. dresses and knit leggings (inspired by peruvian sweaters) left with us that day.

in the works, is a collaboration with heathermarie and carolina that i cannot wait to get my hands on! stay tuned…

IMG_1668 IMG_1733 IMG_1725 IMG_1727 IMG_1724 IMG_1735 IMG_1747 IMG_1739 IMG_1752 IMG_1759 IMG_1762 IMG_1767


coyoacan pt2: what frida (and diego) wore 0

among the many noteable residences in coyoacan, (like trotsky’s hideout,) is la casa azul,  where frida kahlo lived with diego rivera and home to the museo frida kahlo. one of the most famous latin american artists in the 20th century, reknowned for her paintings, physical (and emotional) tribulations, frida kahlo is also revered for her defiant,  flamboyant style. inspired by the beautiful traditional dress of the people of Tehuantepec, a southern city where her mother was from, she also used these outfits to either call attention to or divert attention from a variety of physical afflictions resulting from childhood polio (embroidered platform shoes) and a near fatal auto accident (her sculpted, be-dazzled corsets). 
until recently, all we had seen are photographs and paintings of fridas’ elaborate outfits, never the garments themselves. after her death, rivera locked away all her belongings, corsets, huipiles, skirts, capes, gowns and accessories. after his death they were  in the safe keeping of a friend  who kept them until her death in 2002.  as if frozen in time, the permanent collection of the museo frida kahlo includes art and ephemera of both frida and diego, placing social and historical significance with letters, newspaper clippings and photographs.  but now through november, there is also a small gallery housing temporary, rotating exhibit called, Appearances Can Be Deceiving, of  a few of her outfits, accessories, photographs and some contemporary fashion inspired by her oft-imitated style.

you best believe we made a bee-line to pay homage to this style icon (sneaking a few pix along the way!)

IMG_1904 IMG_1905 IMG_1909IMG_1913 IMG_1914 IMG_1916IMG_1918 IMG_1919 IMG_1920